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  • Do former staff need to have a BA pension to be eligible?
    No. Eligibility is based on qualifying service and means
  • Does service with a predecessor airline count?
    Employment with BA's predecessor or subsidiary airlines counts towards qualifying service, but not service with IAG, although former or current staff of IAG would be eligible if they also have qualifying service with BA and/or a predecessor/subsidiary airline.
  • If I have savings does that preclude me?
    Provided they do not exceed £12,000 then you are eligible to apply
  • Does BABF give funeral grants?
    Applications for help with funeral costs can be considered subject to eligibility.
  • Can BABF help with care home fees?
    No. Help is only available one a 'one-off' basis so ongoing support is not possible
  • Will my personal information be kept confidential?
    All applications are strictly confidential, and applicants are given a document describing how their data will be used when the caseworker visits to complete the application form
  • Can I complete the application form myself?
    The caseworker visit is a key stage in the application process and they will need to see documentary evidence of the information provided such as bank statements and bills etc.
  • How soon will I know whether my application is succesful?
    The Trustees meet every two months and applications will be added to the agenda for review at the next regular meeting after the completed application form and all necessary supporting documentation is received. Where possible a decision will be made during the meeting and communicated shortly afterwards. However occasionally more information is required before reaching a decision , in which case further consideration would normally be given and a decision made as soon as all the required information is provided.
  • If my application is succesful would I need to repay the funds?
    No. Assistance is given by way of a grant and does not need to be repaid
  • If my application is unsuccesful can I appeal?
    There is no appeal process, the Trustees decision is final
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