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Giving Freedom & Joy!

 I wanted to share a photo of me sailing down the Tissington Trail complete with wheelchair and Triride and say a huge thank you to the trustees of the Benevolent Fund for giving me back my freedom and the joy of a proper day out, a chat with the locals and a bit of normality in my life again.

It really is the most amazing piece of equipment and, as well as giving me the freedom of a day out in the countryside I’m also getting plenty of use with it around the local shops.

My son is accompanying me on the countryside trips and, because the wheelchair folds, we can manage to get that in the car as well as the Triride and his pushbike too. I really do feel like I’ve been out for a walk in the country, with my son pedaling along-side. It’s transformed my leisure activities and my local shopping

Help at home

Annnd Relax ...

Dad wanted me to pass on his thanks and best wishes, we are extremely grateful for everything you have done to help him. It has been some weeks since he got his new sofa and chair, carpet and mattress and he is very pleased with everything, and specifically the added comfort that has come with the sofa and mattress has made a big difference. 

Old Man Sitting

With Thanks

Home is where the heart is..

I am writing to thank the Trustees of the Benevolent Fund for very kindly funding some essential home repairs and the replacement of my washing machine, the difference this help makes is immeasurable for people like me who due to poor health are unable to sustain any gainful employment and have to live on an extremely low income which makes it impossible to save for larger expenses.

Here to Help

A warming story ...

I must thank you for all your help, the installation of the heaters has made such a difference to my flat, in terms of warmth and also the feel, as there seems to be a very different, positive feel to the place now, all down to the generosity of the Benevolent Fund. I can’t thank you enough!!

Woman Reading


I can’t thank you enough for your help with my late husband’s funeral costs, I really am very grateful. The last few weeks have been such a difficult time for me and it’s a huge weight off my mind that the funeral bill has now been paid.

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