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How Can we help you?
Who Are We & How Can We Help You?

The British Airways Benevolent Fund (BABF) is a registered charity with the objective of relieving hardship amongst present and former employees of British Airways and its predecessor companies plus their spouses and dependents (including those of deceased employees) who have in general served at least 10 years with British Airways, although applications from those with less than 10 years service will be considered

The BABF will consider any application for one-off support, but will not provide help with ongoing support, although temporary relief may be considered.  Examples of help are modifications to a claimant’s house to facilitate disability or ease of access; provision of funeral grants; help with mobility equipment; assistance with the replacement of household goods in times of real hardship. The Fund’s administrator will discuss your claim and advise if it falls within the normal parameters exercised by the Trustees

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